Sous-vide. Chicken fillet.

Sous-vide is a method of cooking in molecular gastronomy. From French it is translated as “in vacuum”. A product is packed in a vacuum pack, after which for a long time it is brewed at low temperatures 75-80 °C. Therefore, the duck meat sous-vide is prepared evenly, without dry edges and uncooked center, also dryness and stiffness are excluded; all juices and aromas are stay in product. We achieve a perfect taste, smell and texture of the finished meal – the masterpiece for real gourmet. Cooked by technology sous vide low calorie chicken fillet with high protein content allows to add it to a diet products. Before use, heat the product over a high heat in oven, grill or pan.

Proteins 22,0
Fats 3,0
Carbohydrates 0,0
Caloricity 120
30 days
4±2 °C
280 г