Bavarskiye with cheese

Juicy sausages from chicken meat of the premium in an edible cover with addition of pieces of fragrant cheese – a favourite product of many consumers. Are made "Bavarian with cheese" from the raw materials noted by the sign "Natural Product": fresh meat of the broilers who are grown up on progressive technology without application of antibiotics, hormonal medicines, stimulators of sagination and GMO.
Bavarski with Cheese sausages – a product, ready to the use, for a warming up it is enough to fill in of them with boiled water for 5 minutes. The Bavarian with Cheese sausages are good with any garnish and sauce, baked in pastry or pizza and as having a snack in a lunch break.

Proteins 9,0
Fats 28,3
Carbohydrates 1,1
Caloricity 295 kcal
20 days
4±2 °C
75±5 %
320 g